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Why should you use 123Movies instead of WatchFree or Putlocker

First of all, lets point out that everyone loves watching the newest movies and series available, but most of the services are requiring paid subscription or boring registrations in order to watch.
On this HD Edition of 123Movies, you can watch every movie and series ever released for free and you are one click away from it!

#1 The Movie Collection

Taking into consideration the amount of movies the websites like Putlocker, WatchFree or Solarmovie have to offer, 123Movies does not miss a single movie after its HD release.
Our movie collection is easy to browse with over 30.000 movies and counting. Additionally, this website is fast and efficient when it comes to loading pages and movies.

#2 The TV Series Collection

Regardless of movies, 123Movies is a website designed to update its huge database of TV Series and countless episodes on a daily schedule!

#3 Grammar and Typing Mistakes

When users are visiting other popular streaming movie websites, the amount of typos and grammatical mistakes is big.
Therefore, that makes the other sites less caring about their user's experience.

#4 Website Complexity

We have all been in a situation where a website has just too much buttons and options which makes things harder to understand and navigate.
On 123Movies, finding the right movie or episode is simplified, meaning that we made things as simple as possible with an easy to use navigation and searching capabilities.

#5 Advertisements (Ads)

The least but not last, the number of ads showing on the other popular movie websites is just mind-boggling, meaning you have to go through at least 3-4 popups before the movie starts.
Ads are the only way of keeping websites like these alive, therefore on 123Movies we minimize the use of Ads to average 1 per user in order to maintain both website uptime and friendly user experience.

#6 Wrapping Things Up

Every system has its flaws, that is why on 123Movies issues are fixed as soon as possible to ensure the website's functionality.
We hope that we brought you some of the biggest reasons why you should stay with us. Welcome & Enjoy your stay!